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08 August Function Art Internet Retail Management


In prevention of our customers purchasing counterfeit Function Art products online, we have certifications for each of our internet-retail partners which authorize the selling of Function Art products. In protection of our consumer’s purchasing right, we formally announce that only retailers with the valid authorization certifications have the right to sell Function Art products, consumers should assume that sellers who do not hold authentic Function Art certifications are holding and selling counterfeit Function Art products. To ensure our consumer’s experience and the quality of our product, we implore our customers to purchase Function Art products from authorized internet-retailers only.


Function Art Internet Retail Terms of Agreement


  1. “Function Art” Brand and Company has put in place lowest retail price for online-retailers. The information is open knowledge to all retailers and has been publicly announced. Internet-retailers operating on all e-commerce platforms are bound to the price floor limit. Internet-retailers are not authorized to price products below the set floor limit.
  2. Internet-retailers who have passed the application process will undergo identification and name authentication, as well as making a one-thousand RMB deposit. A certificate of authorization will then be sent to the internet-retailer. All certificates are distributed through the “Function Art” company, certificates or authorizations are not transferable. Certificates will include specific retail serials and Function Art watermarks.
  3. Upon violation of agreed terms in both the cooperation contract and “Function Art Internet Retail Terms of Agreement” or deviating from agreed operating requests from Function Art, a violation warning will be issued and a 24hour grace period will be given. If corresponding retailer has not made corrections to the violated terms within the grace period, 50% of the initial deposit will be confiscated and is nonrefundable. If a retailer violates the terms three times, all authorizations will be revoked and will no longer be able to re-apply, initial deposits will be confiscated in full, also nonrefundable.
  4. In order to protect the Function Art brand value, market fairness, and our consumers, please report any suspected retailers with counterfeit Function Art products. Function Art will strictly enforce the integrity of our brand and partners.


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