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19 November Function Art has settled in Takashimaya Shanghai



Many people misunderstand that porcelain is a comprehensive art and luxury home decorations. But in fact, porcelain is not only a fine piece of sculpture, but only contains incredible artistic value that capture instant attention from viewers. Over thirty years of fine craftsmanship, we discovered the essence of eastern and western ceramic designs and combined them into one. Function Art derives from delicate sculpturing and heartfelt designs, for those who appreciate and wish to bring their home closer to nature.


In order to share the beauty of porcelain and the life aesthetics of nature for those who appreciate and wish to bring their home closer to nature, Function Art set up retail store in Takashimaya Shanghai this year.


Store Location: Shanghai Takashimaya sixth floor 06-32

No.1438 Hongqiao Road (near Hongbaoshi Road and Manao Road), Changning District, China


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Takashimaya Shanghai is the flagship store of Takashimaya Group in China,and is located in vibrant district of Gubei in Shanghai. It covers an area of 60,000 square metres and spans eight floors in the Gubei Fortune Business Centre. Takashimaya Shanghai features the top international luxury brands in clothing, cosmetics, jewellery, furniture, cuisine and other goods, as well as world class dining and entertainment facilities.


tokashimaya2 tokashimaya4

▲ Takashimaya Shanghai


Through artisan hand sculpturing we’ve brought the ceramic figures to shape, and bringing it to life with mastered hand brush coloring. The attention paid to each and every detail is a work of art by our artisan craftsmen, in hope of creating a product that truly speaks to the hearts of our customers.


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The inspiration and mentor of Function Art Designed is nature herself. Her infinite shades and combinations of color, elegant curvatures and shape, has influenced and helped us design products that truly embodies the essence of her beauty.


Function Art, Enjoy the beauty of porcelain and the life aesthetics of nature.

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