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About Us

ShunHui Group

ShunHui Ceramic Co., Ltd inherits Taiwan’s extensive ceramic production history. Since 1980, ShunHui Ceramics has been creating top quality designed ceramics for the world to enjoy. Our products can be found in the United States, Canada, England, Japan, Italy, and many other countries. With years of experience, we grew with our customers, learning more about the needs and favors of the market, at the same time, improving our production capacities and strive to continuously improve our quality and became ISO9001 certified. ShunHui Ceramics designs, produces, and markets independently, all in purpose to understand our customers more.

In response to today’s increasing competition in the industry, we continue to find and adapt more scientific ways in both corporate and production management. Our OEM and exported products are custom certified, to ensure the highest quality and safety in our products.

Over 35 years of development, ShunHui Ceramic Co., Ltd continues to invest in state of the art production machinery and research and development, we refuse to become outdated in both technology and in innovation. Over time, our hard work and investments have been recognized through our products by world renown brand such as Royal Doulton, Bradford, Fitz&Floyd, Westland, and many others.


The History of
Function Art Designed

After decades of experience in the ceramic industry, ShunHui Ceramic Co., Ltd organized and combined its experience with Italian gift company La Mark, and created Function Art Designed in the year 2000. With an independent design and research team, Function Art Designed became established and found its place in the designed ceramic market. Equip with master designers and artisan sculpters, Function Art Designed not only created products that were loved by its customers, but was also recognized for its quality and innovation in design by many national critics and awards. Between 2000 and 2007, Function Art has delivered more than 200,000 pieces of art to Italy, and soon after, entered Japan, Korea, Turkey, and Dubai markets. China became Function Art’s next destination in 2006, in 9 years’ time Function Art has established stable distribution channels throughout China and become a known name in European Classic styled ceramic art.


Our Distributors


NO. 6109, North No.2 Street and NO. 6100, No.3 Street, North District, 6F, Bairong International Commodity Shopping Mall, Muxiyuan, Dongcheng District
NO. 016 and 031, B1, Juran House Lighting Mall, Zhoujiazhuang, Shilihe
NO. 09, B alleyway, 2F, Chengwaicheng Furniture Hall, Xiaocunqiao, Chaoyang District


NO. 181-182, 2F, Fuyoumen Shopping Mall, No. 427 Fuyou Road, Huangpu District
NO.9, Haoshijia, NO.198, Caoxi Road, Xuhui District
NO.111, East Nandan Road, Xuhui District
NO.2121, North Sichuan Road, Hongkou District
NO.437, Middle Yanchang Road, Zhabei District


1F, Rome commercial street, NO.433 Shengli Road, Hebei


A033, Yimao Center, Meiyuan Road, Luohu District


NO.3115, 3F, Wuai International commodity shopping mall


NO.20, F3 District, 3F, Toulong Building, Daoli District


NO.101-102, 2A, 2F, Taihe culture Gift Mall, Nansantiao


NO.23, A7, Chenxidaqian


Zhongheng commercial trading market, Tianqiao District


4F, NO.15 Keelung Road Second


NO.0206-0208, B1, Wanbo Shopping Mall, Erqi District


NO.138, Lijinan Road, Qiaokou District


A15, 2F, East two district, Hehuachi


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