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Ingenuity, with a sincere tribute to the era


Three decades of insisting on elaborating porcelain through complete handwork, like kneading, carving and painting, every piece of Function Art contains extraordinary efforts of many craft masters, derives from delicate sculpturing and heartfelt designs, for those who appreciate and wish to bring their home closer to nature.

The birth of an excellent porcelain needs a long and complicated production process. First, art designers need to learn from Western and Eastern culture to draw the valuable inspiration of design, and finish their manuscript. Thereafter, the sculptor will carve the clay prototype and make the product sample. Then, the artisans will go on the next step, grouting, which is essential and important to the following procedures. After the craftsmen modified the defects and adhere to the fine accessories, the professional painting artisans start to paint the prototype with exquisite color and look. The following step is glazing, and then the product will be put on the line track that go through a long distance with extremely high temperature. When it comes out from furnace, a fine and exquisite Function Art porcelain came to life.


Through artisan hand sculpturing, we’ve brought the ceramic figures to shape, and bringing it to life with mastered hand brush coloring. Staying Loyal to the design, adhering to the ingenuity and pursuing the perfection are the mottos of Function Art. With ingenuity, Function Art is keen on offering customers with exquisite quality porcelain in our era.


Customize OEM

Function Art Designed is a refined brand deriving from over thirty years of dedicated learning of ceramic art.

Continuing discovery and realization of ceramic knowledge has earned the Taiwanese family business recognition in the industry.

Equipped with superior quality, quality assurance, and production capacity, we have produced customized products for famous

brands such as Royal Doulton, Bradford, Fitz & Floyd, Westland, and many others.

Aside from our branded products, we are open to customized product production as well.


Superb, award-industry design awards

Over the past 15 years, Function Art Designed has been invited to numerous design competitions and been awarded and recognized by well known critics